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Naga Munchetty health: 'You're falling apart, Naga!' Star on her painful injury – symptoms

Having a limited range of motion in the ankle as well as bone spurs which may appear near the lower part of the tendon at the back of your heel are also indicators of insertional tendonitis in particular.

In most cases achilles tendonitis can be treated via nonsurgical methods. This usually involves using adequate pain relief, although it may take a few months for symptoms to completely subside. Even with early treatment, the pain may last longer than three months.

Individuals are advised to decrease or even stop the activities that make the pain worse. This includes participating in high-impact exercises (such as running) and switching to low-impact activities will decrease the amount of stress on the achilles tendon.

Instead, cross-training activities such as biking, elliptical exercise, and swimming are low-impact options to help individuals stay active.



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