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‘Natural deterrent’: Protect your garden from slugs using fruit – acts as a ‘trap’

Slugs prefer to eat young plants because it is thought they prefer the taste. There are many ways to get rid of slugs and keep them out of the garden and it is recommended to try all natural options before using chemicals. Chris Connett, founder of, said: “May is all about summer prep, it’s the perfect time to complete small tasks that ensure your garden will thrive in warmer temperatures.

“This is the ideal time to begin planting vegetables and mulch your existing plants for their longevity.

“You can also start to plant the last of the summer bulbs, carry on deadheading and create some natural pest deterrents.

“By aiming to get all this prep done now, you can make sure your garden is ready for you to enjoy throughout the summer.”

Garden pests can be a nuisance for gardeners who have spent lots of time preparing crops and plants.

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GardeningExpress experts said: “If you haven’t begun taking care of your grass already then May is the perfect time to start getting it in shape for the hotter months.

“If your lawn is slightly overgrown, it’s advisable to keep the blades raised high and gradually lower them closer to summer.

“If you rush and attempt to cut it all in one go, you will be left with a very uneven finish.

“Patience is key for the best mowing results.”



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