Naughtie, James! BBC star reported to police for ‘drink driving’

Naughtie, 69, drank a “large Chardonnay” in a pub in the suburb of Morningside before heading home, observed by Bennet’s bar regular, Gordon Duncan. Speaking to Edinburgh Live today, Mr Duncan opened up about his decision to pick up the phone and call the police on Naughtie, whom he witnessed climb back into his car after consuming the alcohol.

Mr Duncan recalled: “I saw him gulp down a large Chardonnay while chatting away.

“On this I decided to go outside and pretend I was on a call in the Bennets garden.

“The guy came out ten minutes later and got into his new car and drove off.

“I took a picture of his car and noted the number plate too.

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His result clocked 35mg when tested in 2019.

Naughtie, whose full name is Alexander James Naughtie, pleaded guilty to driving while over the limit at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Peter McCormack handed Naughtie a £500 fine, and banned him from driving for one year.

He also specified that Naughtie could choose to participate in a drink-drive rehabilitation scheme, and, if he passed, he would be granted a three-month reduction to his driving ban.

Prosecuting, Ross Price described: “At around 3pm in the afternoon, the accused left Bennet’s Bar and a member of staff saw him getting into his vehicle and called police.

“Officers made enquiries and attended at the accused’s home address at 3:17pm and breathalysed him.

“He confirmed he was the driver [of the vehicle] that afternoon.”

In Naughtie’s defence, Sean Flanagan told the court that Naughtie had been en-route to his Edinburgh residence when he stopped at the bar for “one glass of wine.”

He added that the former news anchor had driven “a relatively short distance” and had fully co-operated with police enquiries.

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