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Netflix should NOT give Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘any more chances’

Meghan and Harry signed a lucrative deal with Netflix after they announced their departure from the Royal Family. The couple’s production company Archwell Productions signed the deal with Netflix six months after they stepped back as working royals.

Meghan and Harry are yet to share any content with the streaming despite promising the partnership would deliver documentaries, children’s programmes, scripted shows and feature films.

Netflix announced earlier this week that it had laid off 150 staff members to save costs.

During the first three months of the year, the streaming giant announced a loss of 200,000 subscribers, forecasting a further loss of two million subscribers in the next 


Royal expert Daniela Elserm suggested that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next month could be a “make or break” moment for the couple’s Netflix deal.

As a result, readers were asked their opinion on whether Netflix should push Meghan and Harry for content.

In a poll that ran from 2pm on Wednesday, April 18, to 10am on Saturday, May 21, asked: “Should Netflix push Meghan and Harry for content?”

In total, 1,602 people responded with the majority, 61 percent (978 people), answering “yes” Netflix should push Meghan and Harry for content.

A further 38 percent (604 people) said “no” while one percent (20 people) said they did not know either way.

In the dozens of comments left below the accompanying article readers shared their thoughts in a lively debate.

Many thought that the streaming service should cancel Meghan and Harry’s deal.

One reader, username godhelpus said: “Netflix should cancel the deal immediately.”

Username MoreSense wrote: “NO! Netflix should dump both of them and wash their hands! Enough is enough! They had enough chances! There has to be a full stop! And it’s NOW!”

And username Myview2day said: “Netflix paid out the money and has a right to content, so if they don’t fulfil the contract they should get their money back.”

Meghan and Harry announced this week they were filming an “at-home with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex-style” docuseries for Netflix.

Page Six quotes a Hollywood insider saying that the streaming service will finally get its “pound of flesh” from Meghan and Harry.

Netflix announced earlier this month that development of Meghan’s animated series Pearl has been cancelled.

Harry’s docuseries following competitors to the Invictus Games titled Heart of Invictus is due to be released later this year or early 2023.



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