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Nico Rosberg calls for Ferrari boss to make 'serious' personnel changes after French GP

Nico Rosberg has called for “serious changes” to be made at Ferrari after Charles Leclerc once again suffered a DNF while leading a race. The Ferrari driver screamed in anger down his team radio after going into the barriers at Turn 11, before Max Verstappen went on to win the French Grand Prix.

“I really think it’s premature of him to take the blame,” Rosberg told Sky Sports F1 after Leclerc admitted he was at fault for the crash. “He needs to go back now, because it’s really very unusual for that to happen in the way it did, because you’re not even pushing to the maximum there, you’re saving tyres.

“For the rear to go like that, one thing could be at that point, that’s exactly the point when the wind comes from the rear, and if you get an unlucky gust or something, that can suddenly take 20 per cent of your downforce away right in that moment.

“And also, what was happening with the engine there? It only takes a little bit of a cut or something that can kick out the rear. I really think they need to take some time to look at that because I still can’t believe that it would be a driver mistake.”

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“I also found it a bit strange and that’s what Charles was complaining that he was not able to go and throttle, because the car I don’t think was even broken. The front wing was broken probably going into the barriers, but I am surprised he didn’t try and get out of there some more and continue. What on earth is going on there? I think it’s time they made some changes, some serious changes.”

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto claimed that the crash was due to a driver error. “It’s just a mistake,” Binotto told Sky Sports F1. “It happens, in the same way we have reliability issues. I think what I said to Charles was that we make our lives a bit more difficult, but we will enjoy it more in the future if we turn it round.

“It was a genuine a driver error. [The talk about] the throttle was about when he put it in reverse and tried to move back from the barriers.”



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