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Nico Rosberg calls out Eric Dier live on air for changing mind on Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg has called out Tottenham Hotspur defender Eric Dier live on air after he changed his opinion on Lewis Hamilton. Dier claimed he wanted Red Bull to win at the Monaco Grand Prix, before Rosberg pulled him up and said that off air he had a different opinion, as Dier revealed he is actually rooting for Hamilton.

Dier was with Spurs team-mate Matt Doherty, who revealed he was rooting for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, when Rosberg then asked Dier who he was supporting. The England defender said: “We are with Red Bull so hopefully the Red Bull cars can do a great job and maybe get in front of the Ferraris.”

At this point, Rosberg called Dier out and said: “Eric I am very sorry but before the cameras were on you said something completely different! So take two, Eric here’s your second chance. Who are you rooting for?”

Dier didn’t want to answer, and said: “They will be upset with me… Lewis.” Prompting laughs from Doherty and Rosberg, who called Dier a “Lewis fanboy,” as the three joked together.

The race start had been pushed back by a period of nine minutes due to the weather conditions.

“The start procedure has been suspended, we’ll have a 10-minute warning once they sort themselves out,” Max Verstappen was told by his race engineer. The vast majority of drivers on the grid were on intermediate tyres, with a few on the blue-walled full wets.



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