‘No time to lose’: Biden defends infrastructure plan against GOP critics

In remarks urging Congress into action, Joe Biden has pressed Republicans to support a sweeping infrastructure package, what he has called a “once in a generation investment in Americans”, as White House officials begin designing the contours of the $2 trillion proposal.

The president said there is “no time to lose”.

“But here’s what we won’t be open to,” he said in remarks directed at GOP lawmakers. “We will not be open to doing nothing.”

“Inaction is simply not an option,” he said.

Republicans have dismissed the plan as overly broad in their arguments over the semantics of traditional “infrastructure”, while administration officials and Democrats have pushed for nationwide improvements to roads and bridges, water systems, broadband internet access and supply-chain production, among other areas, while arguing for US manufacturing and innovation to keep up with competitors like China and the pace of the climate crisis and growing socioeconomic disparities.

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