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‘Nobody is laughing’ Sturgeon savaged for IndyRef2 plans – ‘like Groundhog day’

Tom Harris criticised Ms Sturgeon for a “never-ending cycle of posturing”, joking that she may be “in danger of repetitive strain injury” for her “frequent” promises of a return to the independence vote. In a damning verdict, the former politician said that Scotland’s leader “cannot deliver on the one thing her activists truly want.” He claimed that the First Minister’s bids for independence have been met “by the sound of tumbleweed blowing eerily across the Scottish political landscape.”

In 2014, Scotland voted against independence with 55 percent of the vote.

But earlier this month, Ms Sturgeon promised that the legislative timetable for a second independence referendum would be decided in the “coming weeks”.

The First Minister insisted steps will be taken to facilitate another vote taking place before the end of 2023.

She added that she was determined to “give people in Scotland the choice over our future” now that the country is on the “downward slope” of the Omicron wave.

In September 2021, Ms Sturgeon told civil servants to start making a new case for independence which offers people “an informed choice on Scotland’s future”.

Speaking about her continual push for independence, Mr Harris said the UK is “stranded in a never-ending cycle”.

He said: “It’s Groundhog Day in Nicola Sturgeon’s Scotland, except no one is laughing

“As the First Minister launches yet another consultation on independence, her never-ending cycle of posturing continues

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“In fact, she has no choice but to do so.

“An SNP administration in Edinburgh that acquiesces to the democratically expressed will of the Scottish people, a government that followed through on its initial promise to respect the result of the 2014 referendum, is a government that would be fiercely opposed by the SNP itself.

“Sturgeon knows and accepts the political and constitutional reality that, faced with continued obstinacy in London, she cannot deliver on the one thing her activists truly want.

“No doubt she regrets this, but it is fascinating to note that whenever an SNP spokesperson is challenged on this fundamental point, they use a form of the same words each time: ‘It would be unacceptable if the Westminster government refused to concede to the democratic will of the Scottish people.’

“This is ironic, since the SNP’s insistence on a second referendum is fundamentally a denial of Scots’ right to have the 2014 referendum result respected.

“But as noted above, Sturgeon cannot do anything other than to pretend that a referendum is on its way.

“Were she to utter the truth, she would be guaranteed to lose control of her party and her activists, who do not share her legal or political analysis of the limits of Holyrood’s powers.”



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