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‘Not going to reappear’: Alan Titchmarsh shares how to remove garden weeds in spring

There are several types of weeds including perennials such as thistles and annuals such as speedwell. They can appear anywhere in the garden, including on patios and driveways. Luckily, Alan Titchmarsh has shared how gardeners can get rid of weeds with ease.

Weeds can look unsightly and make a garden look unkempt if they aren’t tackled.

Some can grow throughout the winter months, but a lot also grow fast when spring arrives.

As the water becomes warmer, weeds begin to sprout, with dandelions and couch grass being common ones in the UK.

Alan explained: “At the end of a long winter, and to be absolutely honest, I’ve never known a short one, the earth between the plants in your beds and borders is hard and compacted.

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“The bit that remains behind will soon send up more shoots. So with a hand fork or trowel, get right down in there underneath each one.

“If you listen, it didn’t snap.

“That means I’ve got all the root out. That’s not going to reappear. 

“So all the perennial weeds like that, when you’ve loosened the soil, you can make sure that they’re teased out individually.”

“It stops the soil below drying out quite so much.

“It removes the weed competition from the plants you do want to grow, and makes sure that they can’t get away without being competed by the plants that you really don’t like.”

Garden weeds can also be killed using chemicals, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

This includes contact weed killer which kills part of the plant which is touched by it.

A systemic weed killer moves within the sap stream so kills the whole plant including the roots, leaves and stems.

Residual weed killer enters plants through the roots and kills weeds below ground as they germinate.



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