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'Old man take your meds!' Hundreds take to London streets in furious protest against Putin

They are currently protesting outside of the Russian embassy in London. An eyewitness has claimed that over a thousand people are involved in the protests, with some of them shouting “Old man take your meds!” and “Putin hands off Ukraine!” They shared a video of the protesters to Twitter, writing: “Over a thousand people in front of Russian embassy in London.

“‘Putin hands off Ukraine!’ ‘Old man take your meds!’ ‘Putin kills’ ‘Russia is big enough already’ and traditional Ukrainian song.”

This comes amid mounting fears of a Ukrainian invasion. 

Mr Putin has built up more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, demanding that the country be barred from joining NATO.

Earlier this week, Moscow sent troops to the Donbas region of Ukraine, in what was seen as an escalation of the conflict.

This came after Mr Putin formally recognised two Russian-backed separatist-controlled regions of the country as independent.

Speaking to Sky News yesterday, UK Health Secretary Sajid Sajid said that the “invasion of Ukraine has begun.”

He said: “We are waking up to a very dark day in Europe.

“It’s clear from what we have already seen and found out today that Russia’s President Putin has decided to attack the sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.”

He added: “We’ve seen that he’s recognised these breakaway eastern regions in Ukraine and we can already tell he’s sent in tanks and troops, so I think from that you can conclude that the invasion of Ukraine has begun.”




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