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Omicron symptoms: The 3 signs of Covid infection that aren't the usual suspects


Delirium is said to be a symptom of Covid that is more common in frailer elderly people.

Both the ZOE app and King’s College London research have found that older people become increasingly confused or start acting strangely after being diagnosed with Covid.

Delirium is a common response to infections and new illnesses in older people, but it’s important not to mix up the symptoms with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

There are two types of delirium that have been seen – hyperactive delirium and hypoactive delirium.

Hyperactive delirium is where someone changes their character and could be agitated, distressed or even aggressive. This will be obvious to those caring for them because of what the person says or does.

Hypoactive delirium is the more common of the two, but it’s harder to spot.

This is when people become withdrawn, drowsy and less responsive or engaged in what’s going on around them, including needing the toilet or eating habits.



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