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'On the edge of a precipice!' Boris urges Putin to U-turn on 'disastrous' invasion plans

Boris Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to understand the economic and political consequences Russia would face if he launched an invasion of Ukraine. The Prime Minister said Europe must cut its reliance on Russian hydrocarbons – including the Nord Stream pipelines – to avoid becoming too dependant on Moscow. Speaking to reporters in Scotland, the Prime Minister said “the world needs to learn the lesson of 2014” when not enough was done to move away from Russian gas and oil following the annexation of Crimea.

Mr Johnson said: “What I think all European countries need to do now is get Nord Stream out of the bloodstream.

“Yank out that that hypodermic drip-feed of Russian hydrocarbons that is keeping so many European economies going.

“We need to find alternative sources of energy … and get ready to impose some very, very severe economic consequences on Russia.”




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