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Peston: Government warned of ‘civil unrest’ if cost of living crisis is not tackled

Money saving expert and financial journalist Martin Lewis told Robert Peston on his ITV show that the cost of living crisis was a “political problem” and had to be solved by politicians. He said that Boris Johnson was his “great hope” and an instinctively “populist” politician while Chancellor Rishi Sunak was “theoretical”

Mr Lewis, who presents his own ITV money saving show, added that the public mood was “desperate” and “angry”.

He said: “The fact is the truth of this is a political problem and this has to be solved. Politicians are the ones with the leavers.

“The difference between someone like me and the opposition is when I cajole and urge and plead.

“And we should be pleading with the Government right now to put some money into people’s pockets.

“I do that because I want them to, not that I want to expose the fact that they haven’t.

“I would be grateful to applaud them for doing something.

“And I think that’s the situation we’re in right now.

“My great hope is Boris Johnson, which may surprise people, but I say that because I think he’s an instinctive populist politician who can see what’s going on. 

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“So the Government needs to get a handle on it and they need to get a handle on it quickly.

“They need to listen and they need to stop people making choices whether they feed themselves or they feed their children.

“We are in that now, we used to have a relative poverty condition in this country and we are moving to absolute poverty.”

It comes as inflation hit its highest level in 40 years, according to Sky News.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that over the last 12 months the price of Natural Gas had gone up 95.5 percent and 53.5 percent for electricity.



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