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'Pick me up for your lawn': 'Amazing' product makes grass greener and eliminates patches

A gardener who has fans swooning over his green grass uses a seaweed product to feed his grass and have the lawn looking spectacular.

How is the product used? Apply 10ml per five litres every 28 days to treat 20m sq.

Sam went on: “Bear in mind when you are using this, everyone is working with slightly different conditions.

“Find what works for you within those guidelines.”

Seaweed feeds grass directly and has a lot of health benefits for the plant.

Sam recently discussed a product that promises to make grass greener in two hours. 

The expert reviewed the TotalLawn Instant Green, telling fans: “It’s a product they claimed can green up your garden in two hours.

“Within two hours you are supposed to see and noticeable difference, and I’m guessing the reason why is the main ingredient, chelated iron.”

After using the product, Sam said: “I think you’d agree, the greener colour certainly came through.”



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