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PM urged to keep new cheaper car batteries in Brexit Britain’s market ‘Don’t sell to US!'

Researchers at the University of Bristol have made “astounding” sodium and potassium ion batteries, using sustainably sourced cellulose, that they predict will beat next-generation lithium batteries and for a fraction of the price. Steve Eichhorn, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Bristol, said: “We now hope to collaborate with industries to develop this strategy on an industrial scale.”

In a poll of 2,031 readers, held from January 7 to 8, a huge 83 percent of voters said the Prime Minister should invest in the development of the new British batteries. One reader commented: “Anything that might reduce the price of electric vehicles is to be welcomed.”

Another, Bishop K, said: “Better to fund, than to see a potentially lucrative technology lost.”

Many voters emphasised that the new technology should remain British-owned and not be sold to the highest bidder worldwide.

One voter remarked: “Provide any funding to wholly-owned British companies only so that any technological advances are to the benefit of the British Economy.”

But there was opposition to the idea of electric cars in general, as 15 percent of voters said the Prime Minister should not provide financial backing to the University of Bristol’s project.

One reader asked: “Why bother wasting money to produce a cheaper battery for cars if the UK doesn’t have the capacity or infrastructure to charge them all?”

In the UK there are 18,098 electric charging stations, with 722 new charging devices added in the last 30 days and more being added week on week.

Voter Caerurfa said: “The ‘experts’ keep telling us that ‘filling up’ with electricity is much cheaper than petrol or diesel.

“In capitalist markets the price of most things is arrived at through supply and demand, if and when an electric infrastructure is in place to service millions of electric vehicles, the price of electricity will likely go through the roof.”

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