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Poland breaks ranks with EU to pull rug from under Putin with new law to BAN coal imports

Poland, which was the 2nd largest importer of Russian coal in the EU behind Germany, said it cannot wait any longer for an EU-level decision, acknowledging that the ban “may be legally questionable”.

According to government spokesperson Piotr Müller, the decision was taken for national security reasons.

The country has been calling for an EU-wide ban on imports of Russian gas, coal and oil.

During the EU leaders’ summit last week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the country would be ready to do so “almost immediately”.

However, some member states – such as Germany – objeced to the move.

Speaking about the ban in a statement, Mr Muller said: “We do realize that this might be legally questionable.

“These doubts are justified but we can’t keep on waiting for the reaction of the EU.

“I admit with regret that the EU hasn’t decided on such a measure.”

Responding to their decision, Moscow said that “relations with Poland are moving toward zero”.




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