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Political suicide! Ditching Boris would be ‘massive mistake’ and return Red Wall to Labour

They vented their anger at numerous Conservative MPs for plotting to oust Mr Johnson from Downing Street amid fury over the Number 10 “partygate” scandal. An independent inquiry – headed by top civil servant Sue Gray – is currently looking into allegations that lockdown-breaking pirates were held at Number 10.

And after Mr Johnson survived a hostile House of Commons to earn a stay of execution yesterday, many warned the rebels that removing the Brexit talisman would be a “massive mistake” after he helped the party win an 80-seat majority in 2019.

Bill Jackson wrote: “I suspect these claims are more to try to get Boris to sharpen up his act.

“The last thing the party needs is a messy leadership campaign and would any sane MP want to take on the leadership whilst Covid is still causing havoc?”

London Darren said: “Boris stands and fights for Great Britain while (Labour leader Sir Keir) Starmer kneels and begs like a weak little coward simple as that.”

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Rabmac-1 added: “Time to take the gloves off, Boris, and don the ‘Knuckledusters of Revenge’.

“(In the) meantime, please do your best to ignore the ‘Vengeful Skull’, he no longer matters in the life of this country.”

They spoke after senior Conservatives MPs claimed they nearly have enough support to oust the Prime Minister ahead of PMQs yesterday.

Their bold claims never materialised after the party’s influential backbench 1922 committee did not receive the required 54 letters of no confidence needed to trigger a leadership contest.

Despite this, Government ministers have admitted that Mr Johnson is not yet safe.

A frontbencher told The Guardian: “The mood has turned dramatically. He’s in real trouble. And it’s not just the 2019ers panicking about their seats, it’s quieter older colleagues.

“Unless the report says something staggeringly good, we will have a challenge.”

Another Tory MP said: “It’s terminal. It’s turned from red hot anger to [a] cold, calculating sense of ‘How do we do this? And who are we supporting?’ … It’s a question of when not whether.

“Letters are coming from the left and from the right, from Brexiters and Remainers, because what is slowly dawning on people is that there’s not about a policy issue, this is a mindset, a modus operandi and culture that needs changing.”



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