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'Political weapon!' Households told to turn down thermostat to thwart Kremlin gas control

He said: “Nobody is under any illusions anymore.

“Russia’s use of its natural gas resources as an economic and political weapon show Europe needs quickly to be ready to face considerable uncertainty over Russian gas supplies next winter.”

The Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to rethink its dependence on Russia for energy.

Currently, Europe gets around 40 percent of its gas from Russia.

The Czech Republic, Latvia, North Macedonia and Moldova get all their supplies from Russia.

This effectively means that the continent continues to fund Vladimir Putin’s government even though it is trying to cripple the Russian economy through sanctions.

Sanctions could be applied to energy exports from Russia.

The Kremlin may respond by cutting off energy supplies.

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“Adjusting heating controls in Europe’s gas-heated buildings would be another avenue for temporary action, saving considerable amounts of energy.

“The average temperature for buildings’ heating across the EU at present is above 22°C.

“Adjusting the thermostat for buildings’ heating would deliver immediate annual energy savings of around 10bn cubic metres for each degree of reduction while also bringing down energy bills.”



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