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‘President in name only’ Joe Biden blasted as ‘catastrophe for US’ after week of gaffes

The 46th US President has often found himself in embarrassing positions over the last few years for making awkward statements and often putting the White House in the soup. During his recent visit to Poland, Mr Biden seemingly insinuated that the Russian leader be ousted from the Kremlin.

Speaking about Vladimir Putin in his key-note address, he said: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

The statement led to a dramatic escalation, forcing the White House to intervene and issue a justification about the POTUS’s statements.

Writing an Op-Ed The Telegraph, Allister Heath said: “His embarrassingly downgraded role became obvious last week when he suddenly veered off-script during his keynote address in Poland, ad-libbing of Vladimir Putin that ‘for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power’.

“It was a dramatic escalation, a clear and simple message that no reasonable person could possibly misinterpret, and yet the White House appeared not even to ask him for permission before ‘clarifying’ his statement.

“Biden’s people – who are supposed to work for him, rather than the other way around – immediately denied that he was calling for regime change.

“They claimed, within seconds of his speech, that the words he uttered didn’t actually mean what he obviously intended them to signify.”

Mr Heath continued bashing Mr Biden and said: “America is in desperate need of a determined and visionary leader, but has found itself stuck with an ineffective, erratic and gaffe-addled figurehead.

“Joe Biden is US President in name only, the weakest, least powerful holder of that office for over a century.

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The vice president received 38 percent of the hypothetical vote, while Mr Trump had 49 percent, two points higher than he’d score against Mr Biden.

While Mr Biden has made his intention to run for a second term known, Mr Trump has repeatedly teased a 2024 bid but has yet to say for sure if he’ll mount a third presidential campaign.

Calling his Presidency a ‘catastrophe’, Mr Heath concluded: “The fact that Biden is in office, but not in power, has given his party’s hardliners free rein to wreak havoc.

“His presidency is turning out to be a catastrophe for America, and a calamity for the rest of the world.

“For how much longer will we have to put up with this travesty?”



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