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Prince Andrew broke Philip's memorial plans by escorting Queen 'She was to be handed off'

The Duke of York’s central role in escorting the Queen to the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service has raised the prospect of Andrew putting in an appearance during the Platinum Jubilee weekend. The disgraced royal accompanied the monarch to her seat in a shock move in Westminster Abbey. Royal biographer Tina Brown has since claimed Andrew forced he “pushed his way in”.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, Ms Brown claimed: “Nobody was happy to see him at her side at that service.

“But I’m also told that he pushed his way in.

“He wasn’t supposed to be walking down the aisle with her.

“She was supposed to be handed off at that point to the dean and he was supposed to walk her there.

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“But when a Queen’s son elbows his way into the shot, no one’s going to have a scene in the middle of a memorial service.

“It was a source of great anxiety and sorrow to the family and I think to everyone.

“It was not a good look.”

Andrew had been banished from royal life, first bowing out of royal duties in 2019 after his disastrous Newsnight appearance over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

At the Jubilee service of thanksgiving in St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3 is considered to be a family occasion, Andrew could be among the congregation, alongside other non-working royals.

Royal expert Joe Little, of Majesty magazine, suggested: “I think he will be there.

“Although the Queen is head of state, she is also head of the family as well and in that capacity, all her children should be with her.”

He added the Royal Family may take stock following the media’s response to Andrew’s role in Philip’s service.



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