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Prince Charles plan to slim down monarchy and remove 'hangers-on' when he becomes king

The future King has been prepping for a new era for the royals and has his eyes firmly fixed on “hangers-on” at the Palace, a royal expert claims.

He reportedly has long-term plans of trimming down the monarchy, which could serve as a warning after recent high profile scandals, according to the royal expert.

In recent years, the firm has already undergone big changes including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure.

While Prince Andrew is also never expected to return to public life.

But some believe this is merely just the beginning of the huge changes ahead for the Palace.

It’s not yet known which member of the family will be ousted but analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti told the Mirror that things are about to become very modern.

He said: “I think when Charles takes to the throne we will see the emphasis put on those who command absolute respect.

“The demands of responsibility and certain behaviours that are needed will be at the forefront – simply, you must be totally reliable”.

He added: “It is well known that Charles wants to stamp his mark and in modern times, don’t be surprised to see changes made”.

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Royal expert Camilla Tominey told the Telegraph’s Royal Insight podcast: “There’s a sense that he wants a slimmed down monarchy to make sure that everybody is doing their bit and [there are] no so-called hangers-on”.

She said this makes the future of the monarchy quite uncertain.

Ms Tominey said: “We’ve had this model that the Queen has been at the head of for all of this time, because she’s obviously been on the throne for nearly seven decades.

“That means by association that you’re going to have fewer royals taking on fewer patronages, and then what does that mean for the charities?”



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