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Prince George, Charlotte and Louis’ preparations for royal duty ‘carefully orchestrated’

In a video for Australian website Nine Honey, royal expert Victoria Arbiter said that Prince William and Kate Middleton had “led” by example in bringing up Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Ms Arbiter said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted their children to have as “normal upbringing as possible”.

However, she added that they had to “appreciate” they were raising a “future king” in the form of Prince George.

She said: “The Cambridge children have benefited from having every milestone recorded by Mum.

“Likewise their official public appearances have been carefully orchestrated.

“From standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to attending a panto on behalf of key workers and helping their father kick off the Sandringham half marathon.

“The children have experienced a small taste of public life.

“By extension, William and Kate have been able to lead by example. A method long employed by Her Majesty the Queen.

“In 2020 as part of a climate change campaign, George, Charlotte and Louis were filmed posing questions to Sir David Attenborough.

“Granted speaking into camera may seem like a simple task, but allowing the youngsters to master their skills in a calm, easy setting was a particularly savvy move. 

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She said: “With his own kingly training underway, Prince William regularly popped over the bridge to Windsor Castle for afternoon tea with his grandmother during his time at Eton.

“There the Queen familiarised him with boxes filled with state papers.

“The pair discussed constitutional matters as well as sovereign duties and the foundation for his eventual role was systematically laid.

“Keen for him to recognise his privilege and his responsibilities that come with it, Diana took him to homeless shelters as she offered him an unprecedented look behind Palace walls.”



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