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Prince George 'looked really disturbed' by attention on outing – 'he was in discomfort'

Prince George, who will turn 9 later this month, is currently the third in line to the throne. The young royal, along with his two younger siblings, joined in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last month. On the first day of celebrations, the trio rode in a carriage along the Mall and this marked the first time that the Cambridge children joined the carriage procession with other senior members of the Royal Family. Although all three children appeared excited about the celebrations and waved to royal fans lining the way, Ms Dunlop claimed that, compared to Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, George appeared to be “in discomfort” over the attention from surrounding royal fans.

Speaking on the latest Royal Beat, the historian said: “I saw Prince George for the first time during the Trooping the Colour during the Jubilee weekend.

“It was as the carriages were going up through Trafalgar Square, they were come out of Horse Guards Parade.

“[And] he [Prince George] looked really disturbed by it”.

She added: “I have never seen it before, I have never been in a crowd, people just delirious with the sight of Kate’s hat and Prince George’s side profile.

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Ms Dunlop said that “the other two were young enough to be waving”, but added that George looked “in discomfort”.

She said: “He’s nine, he’s at this self-conscious age”.

Host Kate Thornton added: “William and Harry both expressed that was their own experience at the time growing up.

“It’s not easy.

“These are young children being raised by parents who have headed up Heads Together, mental health campaigners because they understand the difficulties [growing up].”

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Ms Thornton added: “I don’t know how you prepare a child for that.”

Speaking previously to Sky News, royal commentator Robert Jobson praised the Cambridge children for the way they conducted themselves over the four-day Jubilee weekend.

Speaking of Prince William and Kate’s eldest son, Mr Jobson said: “George looked more kingly than William at times.

“He was the one who got up first, and he looked almost statesman-like.




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