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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'ran into a brick wall' at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Christopher Anderson, an American-British journalist, told Royally US the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were forced to swallow a “really bitter pill” when they visited England last week for their first official trip since quitting their royal duties. He cited the refusal from the royal administration to allow the Queen to take a photo with Lilibet as “speaking volumes” and causing a “very different feeling” among the Sussex couple. 

Christina Garibaldi, co-host of Royally US, asked: “How do you think [Harry and Meghan] were feeling before going to the Jubilee and how do you feel they were feeling after?” 

Mr Anderson said: “I think they were hopeful. I think they went there hoping they would mend fences but ran into a brick wall. 

“For example, we now know that the Queen, well the men in grey that handle everything, would not allow the Queen’s photo to be taken with Lilibet. 

“That spoke volumes, I think. It was a really bitter pill for Meghan and Harry to swallow. 

“You’ve got to remember that Archie was photographed with the Queen and Prince Philip, as well as Meghan’s mum, when he was two days old. 

“It’s tradition to be photographed with the monarch when you’re a grandchild or great grandchild, so this was a very different feeling. 

“William and Kate made no effort at all to introduce George, Charlotte and Louis to their cousin, which I thought they could have made room for.” 

Though it is tradition for the Queen to be photographed with her great grandchildren, it is unprecedent for the monarch to have to wait a year for the opportunity to do so. 

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When they arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday morning for the thanksgiving service, they were reportedly greeted by both cheers and boos by portions of the crowd. 

They were then seated on the second row on the opposite side to the working royals, with whom they did not appear to share any words. 

It is believed Prince Harry did not speak to his brother Prince William or the Duchess of Cambridge Kate during their stay. 

The Sussex’s then returned to their home in Montecito, California on Sunday while the Platinum Jubilee Pageant was underway. 



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