Prince Harry briefed royals '30 minutes' before public as Duke keeps family 'on back foot'

Katie Nicholl told Royal Beat Prince Harry’s book announcement came as a shock to the Royal Family. The royal commentator also claimed the Duke of Sussex continues to leave the Royal Family on the “back foot” by giving them little notice regarding his announcements.

Ms Nicholl claimed: “The Palace did not know, the family did not know.

“This has come as a real shock.”

The Royal Beat host asked: “Did they learn at the same time as the general public?”

Ms Nicholl replied: “I think it is a bit like the pregnancy announcement.

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“They get a very very brief [period of time].

“Like a half an hour before and then the news is made public.

“So they are on the back foot all the time.” has contacted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment.

The Duke of Sussex has said the memoir, to be published by Penguin Random House, will be written, “not as the prince” he was.

“Proceeds might mean the advance, it might not mean the advance.

“The advance is rumoured to be about $20million.

“Obviously we know Harry and Meghan have talked about how they have to pay their own bills now, pay their own security, that their lifestyle is very expensive and so $20million would go some way to paying those bills.

“They might come out and clarify this and say the advance and the royalties are going to charity.

“In the UK you have to be very, very clear about which bits of what are going charity but I’m not sure the rules are quite the same in the states. There are still quite big question marks about the financial side of this.”

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