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Prince William's body language analysed: Duke formed 'self-protective barrier'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared publicly yesterday as they visited Cambridge to view their first joint portrait. The couple looked happy as they walked side by side in Cambridge University’s Fitzwilliam Museum and smiled at each other and at photographers. But a body language expert revealed the future King repeated one of his old moves that he used to do in the years before he met Kate.

Judi James explained that the pose, known as the ‘fig leaf’ pose, implies the Duke is feeling uncomfortable and forms a ‘self-protective barrier’.

According to Ms James, Kate mimicked his pose, in an effort to make William seem less defensive.

The expert told the Sun: “In the years before he met Kate, William was often seen performing what is known as the fig-leaf pose, with his hands clasped in front of his torso at roughly the same place as a fig leaf would sit on a classical nude statue.

“The gesture is a self-protective barrier ritual that tends to be adopted when a guy feels uncomfortable, shy or defensive.”

And she continued: “It made William look bashful and suggested he felt awkward in front of the press cameras.

“Marriage and fatherhood seem to have developed William’s social confidence but he still has his fig leaf moments during public visits.”

According to Ms James, the Duchess of Cambridge takes an identical position, which also shows like-minded thinking.

The expert explained: “Mirroring signals like-minded thinking and in Kate’s case the way she mimics his pose and makes it look much more elegant and less anxious – helps to make William look less defensive or barriered by proxy.”

Ms James added: “It’s a sign of empathy as well as love and the frequent, subliminal mirroring traits the Cambridge’s use are a subtle but powerful sign of their closeness as partners and strong, like-minded bonds as future monarchs.”

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