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Princess Marie to be honoured in Liechtenstein on the first anniversary of her death

The Princess was admitted to a Swiss hospital where she died three days later. A year on, Liechtenstein is set to honour the Princess who was born in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1940.

There will be a church service in Vaduz Cathedral and the possibility for members of the public to view her tomb.

The service will take place on Sunday morning and all members of her family are expected to attend, including her husband and her five children.

It is likely that the service will be broadcast live on local television in the same way the Princesses funeral was.

One reason for this is the limited capacity in the cathedral, meaning that seats are reserved for family members and close friends.

Following the service, the princely tomb will be open to the public for two hours, according to a press release published by the princely house on Tuesday.

The princely tomb is located right next to Vaduz Cathedral and is the burial site for all members of the princely family.

Normally it is only open on November 1 when the Catholic Church celebrates All Saints and effectively all dead people.

Vaduz Cathedral is also known as St Florin Cathedral and is a neo-gothic church. 

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It has also hosted a number of important royal weddings including that of Prince Hans Adam and Princess Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie, and Princess Tatjana and Baron Philipp von Lattorff.

Born in Nazi occupied Prague, Princess Marie fled to Germany with her family in 1945.

She spent time in England and France before working for a printing house in Dachau and then marrying her second cousin once removed Hans Adam in 1967.

Following the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies in 1968 the Princess signed a protest telegram to the Soviet embassy in Bern and joined a demonstration in Vaduz.

Princess Marie was also President of the Liechtenstein Red Cross from 1985 to 2015 contributing to foreign aid activities during the war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.



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