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Property for sale? The main priority of potential buyers when choosing a home shared

During the pandemic, Britons have spent billions of pounds on property improvements with the trend cycle for interiors getting shorter. While consumers are increasingly aware of terms such as, fast fashion, the effects of ‘fast interiors’ are not called out. These findings show there is a need for more transparency when it comes to the environmental impact of home renovations to help homeowners make the most ethical choice. However, affordability still remains the number one priority for most homeowners.

VELUX, the leading roof window manufacturer, have shared new findings that depict Britons’ attitudes and awareness to home improvements and sustainability. 

The survey of 2,000 adults in the UK found that our attitudes are still divided when it comes to making home renovations sustainable. 

The research shows that affordability remains the number one priority for 75 percent of homeowners.

Jim Coates, Marketing Director at NWE explained how home transformations don’t have to be expensive.

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According to the new research, 41 percent of homeowners agree that products should be made sustainably, the reality is that our interior tastes can be fickle. 

In the UK, over 13 percent of homeowners buy new furniture at least once a year, and a further 30 percent do so at least once every three years.

For those that do keep sustainability in mind when renovating and decorating, the majority (75 percent) try to reuse items in their homes, over half (58 percent) try to upcycle, and almost half (49 percent) purchased vintage or second-hand items. 

With trends such as upcycling becoming increasingly popular it’s crucial that consumers can purchase durable and well-made furnishings that can stand the test of time and not cost the earth.

Rob Lessmann, MD and founder of luxury interior design studio, Design’d Living said: “2022 will continue to see good quality sustainable materials used. 

“A move towards consciously buying furniture that lasts and doesn’t need to be replaced every few years is much more meaningful for the environment, and the home. If cost is an issue, second hand shopping for quality homeware will start to become the norm.”

Using sustainable furniture can also help add great value to a property.

Looeeze Grossman, Founder of The Used Kitchen Company said: “Something to seriously consider is buying used or ex displays which are ‘new to you’. 

“This not only can save you thousands of pounds but also is a far more sustainable option. 

“Kitchens are a great addition to a home and can potentially add between five and 10 per cent to the value of a home, which makes it an affordable option to improve your home and make it easier to sell if that’s your end goal.  

“Installing a kitchen, including new worktops, appliances, fittings and additional touches can cost anywhere between £5,000 and £40,000, depending on the size and materials chosen.

“It’s so important to compare when it comes to the price of kitchens. 

“If you understand that the price range reflects the quality of the material, service, design, longevity and craftsmanship, you’ll feel more comfortable with the cost whichever option you decide.”



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