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Putin gets desperate and turns to 'Soviet-era' missile as Russian forces 'hollowed' out

The news comes as the latest intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) suggests Russian forces are being held back by Ukrainian defences in the east of the nation. The last several days have seen Russian turn to long-range missiles fired from bomber jets, with the report suggesting some were fired from Belarussian airspace.

The report suggests Ukrainian forces have been actively defending the cities of Lyschansak and Severodonetsk.

It read: “Ukrainian forces continue to consolidate their positions on higher ground in the city of Lyschansak, after falling back from Severodonetsk.

“Ukrainian forces continue to disrupt Russian command and control with successful strikes deep behind Russian lines.”

Yet, it was the use of old technology that demonstrated that Russian forces are running low on equipment.

The report continued: “Over June 26-26, Russia launched unusually intense waves of strikes across Ukraine using long-range missiles.

“These weapons highly likely included the Soviet-era AS-4 KITCHEN and more modern AS-23a KODIAK missiles, fired from both Belarussian and Russian airspace.”




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