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Putin hammer blow: Ukraine destroys Russian arms depots as groundbreaking drones deployed

The news comes as Ukraine suffer a setback in the loss of Mariupol as Russian forces take full control of the city. Yet, resistance continues as Ukrainian forces vow to protect the country and push Russian troops back towards the border.

The latest blow to Russia saw the arms and ammunition depots destroyed in Pyatihatok and Stepanovka near Kherson Oblast.

According to Ukraine’s Southern operational command, the strike on the site came on May 17.

The command also reported that fighting continues on the line of contact in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts where Russian troops are trying to gain a foothold and continue shelling the positions of Ukraine’s Armed Forces with mortars and artillery.

To assist Ukraine in patrolling the skies, ground-breaking new drone technology has been developed by US airspace security specialist Fortem Technologies.

Its range of anti-drone detection and neutralization systems to develop UAV defence platforms has been adapted specifically to the needs of Ukraine forces battling Russian invaders.

The company said that the adaptation process was carried out in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, and sought to extend and enhance the country’s ability to detect and eliminate smaller Russian UAVs.

Speaking of the work the companies perform, Fortem Technologies CEO Timothy Bean said: “We work every day to keep venues, campuses, and entire cities protected from rogue drone incursions.”

Yet the war in Ukraine has given the company an opportunity to adapt and assist Kyiv in the battle.

Mr Bean continued: “When our predictions came true ¬– that drones would be relied upon heavily in the next major conflict – we knew we had to act quickly to arm our allies with the technology necessary to keep themselves safe from drone surveillance and attacks.”

Sweden building military defences 

The portable SkyDome anti-drone solution Fortem has supplied Ukraine features rapid and easy setup and off-grid capacities that require no connection to power networks or generators.

Those characteristics allow expeditionary forces to operate at the borders of conflicts, independent of operating infrastructure or heavy and noisy support equipment.

The ability to use the drone remotely also allows the operators of the aircraft to work at a safe distance, reducing the risk of detection and being subjected to a counter-strike.

The unit’s detection sensors also function at a very high beam width, and low power intakes, making it difficult for hostile forces to detect electronically.

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Elsewhere in the skies, Turkey has supplied Ukraine with the Bayraktar TB2, and has been seen in action over Snake Island where several Russian landing ships have been hit.

One targeted boat was sunk to the bottom of the sea via a strike by one of the Turkish supplied drones.

Multiple drone strikes on Russian tanks have also crippled the numbers of rolling stock, leaving the turrets and blown-out shells of the equipment strewn across the roads and path of Ukraine.

With Russia now capturing Mariupol, does this spell the beginning of the end of the war? Let us know what you think by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Some Ukrainian citizens are using consumer drone technology to locate and identify Russian targets.

One man who witnesses the destruction of a Russian T-72B3 battle tank said the target was located using a DJI Mavic 3, available on the market to anyone.

With the war now entering day 84, Russia is said to have lost in excess of 1,000 tanks, as well as over 23,000 personnel.



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