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Putin humiliated as hardman Chechen special forces go home after losing hundreds of men

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being assisted by the Chechnyan military as it enters its fourth week. President Ramzan Kadyrov – a long-time ally of Putin’s – offered his support at the conflict’s outset. But despite facing violent incursions from the two nations, Ukraine appears to have humiliated the invaders several times and are said to be shattering the myth of the hardman Chechen dictator famed for persecuting homosexuals.

On February 26, just two days into the invasion, units of the Chechen National Guard clashed with the Ukrainian army near Gostomel airport, but were defeated.

Magomed Tushaev, described as Kadyrov’s right hand and was leader of the 141st motorised regiment, was killed that day by Ukrainians.

The Security Service of Ukraine claims that “several hundred” Chechen soldiers were killed.

Kadyrov then tried to deny the defeat and claimed that Tushaev was still alive, posting a video of them speaking on the phone on social media.

But he later admitted casualties, acknowledging the death of two soldiers.

He wrote on Telegram: “Unfortunately, there are casualties among the natives of the Chechen Republic. Two died and six others were injured.”

In the past, Ramzan Kadyrov and Magomed Tushaev have led purges in Chechnya targeting homosexual people.

These operations, according to the Human Rights Watch, included forced disappearances, secret abductions, imprisonment, torture, and killings.

On Monday, March 21, the Security Service of Ukraine uploaded a post on social media, claiming that the hardcore Chechen soldiers’ main task, as ordered by senior Russian army officials, is to shoot dead every Russian soldier that tries to surrender.

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Because during the war they ‘distinguished themselves’ only by video recordings and atrocities against the civilian population.”

Finally, they wrote: “The main task of the Kadyrovites is to ‘clean up’ and kill Russian soldiers fleeing the battlefield.

“That is, they perform the function of ‘charge squads’ and shoot at their own.
Although they do not consider the Russians “theirs”, they call them “lice” and are happy to kill them.”

The Security Service of Ukraine has published several photos of Russian artillery being destroyed. 

The war in Ukraine has forced 10 million people to be displaced in a surging humanitarian crisis, since Russia’s invasion on February 24, according to the UN.



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