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Putin humiliated as Israel debunks 'Nazi' Ukraine claims by training defence troops

Israel Defence Force veterans have been training Ukrainian troops to help them repel Russian forces, footage shows. The video, released on Israeli TV, shows the veteran troops guiding Ukrainian soldiers through military operations in Ukraine. One Israeli who appears to be in charge of the drills interacts with the defending troops as they learn to coordinate attacks on enemy forces in the forest. 

As Putin sticks by his justification of his invasion of Ukraine, claiming Russia is “denazifying” their neighbouring nation, Israel’s support of Ukraine appears to debunk the Russian President’s claims. 

The State of Israel is the only country in the world where the majority of its population identify as Jewish. 

The nation also declares itself a “Jewish and democratic state”, cementing the religion as its official belief. 

While Putin’s claims that Ukraine is full of Nazis have not been heeded by much of the world, the video further highlights the ridiculousness of the remarks. 

The Moscow city assembly said on Wednesday that its members were considering naming an intersection on Moscow Square “Defenders of Donbas Square”. 

The move is intended to honour soldiers fighting against alleged “Nazism” in the largely Russian-speaking Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

The US embassy in Moscow said today that it was surprised but not offended by the proposal, suggesting disingenuously that it was to honour Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian aggression.

The embassy said: “Surprised but not offended by the Russian government’s proposal to rename a part of downtown Moscow near the U.S. Embassy ‘Defenders of Donbas Square’, presumably in honour of Ukrainian soldiers bravely defending their homeland from Kremlin aggression. The country should know its heroes.”

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Putin said: “Targeted attempts are being made to disable the internet resources of Russia’s critical information infrastructure. 

“Serious attacks have been launched against the official sites of government agencies. Attempts to illegally penetrate the corporate networks of leading Russian companies are much more frequent as well.”

In a meeting with the Security Council, Putin said that Russia would need to improve information security in key sectors and switch to using domestic technology and equipment.

He added: “Restrictions on foreign IT, software and products have become one of the tools of sanctions pressure on Russia. A number of Western suppliers have unilaterally stopped technical support of their equipment in Russia.”



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