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Putin ‘replenishes’ Black Sea fleet in preparation for reinforced attack on Ukraine

The threat of a Russian amphibious operation has been present since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and concerns are rising as warships have been seen moving down the Japan strait. The current fleet operating off southern Ukraine includes cruisers, frigates, missile corvettes and amphibious landing ships which can transport thousands of troops.

Over 30 warships have been reported to have amassed in the Black Sea including intelligence-gathering ships, repair vessels, tugs and minesweepers. 

The threat of an amphibious operation has increased as Russia deployed more landing ships to the Black Sea and conducted naval exercises on amphibious operations linked with airborne operations. 

However, Naval News conducted an analysis which assessed the risk factor for Russia such an operation would hold. 

Analysis conducted by Naval News concluded: “Terrain constraints, amphibious lift limitations, difficulty sustaining air dominance, and logistical issues all point to the dangerous nature of any Russian amphibious operation in the Black Sea.

“As a result, Russia’s decision to start an amphibious operation is solely dependent on how much loss it can tolerate.”

Russian warships have been seen travelling the Japan Strait and are thought to be heading to Ukraine. 

Japan’s defence ministry has stated that six Russian vessels have passed through a strait between Hokkaido and Russia’s Sakhalin Island.

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A US defence official said that Russian warships were attacking coastal areas around Odessa and noted that “whether this is a precursor of a looming amphibious assault, we just don’t see that yet”.

The Pentagon has noted “a change in the maritime environment” in the Black Sea and confirmed the movements of Russian landing ships and surface combatant vessels.

Ukrainian forces have begun preparations for an attack including digging foxholes and blocking roads with sandbags.



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