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Putin sent dire warning over 'next' devastating Ukraine decision: 'US will enter war'

Experts in the US have sounded the alarm bells over the possibility of Putin using chemical weapons in Ukraine. Earlier this week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman claimed the US has been carrying out biological programmes in Ukraine. Analysts believe that these statements could be part of a false flag operation that would justify Putin’s decision to launch a bio attack.

However, Russia may have to think twice before taking such a deadly move, as it would likely push the US into joining the war against Russia in Ukraine.

Retired US Army General Barry McCaffrey tweeted: “If the Russians actually use chemical weapons against the Ukrainian civilian population it would produce catastrophic lethality.

“Chemical munitions not effective against equipped US troops.

“Terrible impact on civilians. Predict we would enter the war.”

Western powers are on high alert as experts warn Putin may be looking to gain control of biological research labs in Ukraine.

The Kremlin spokeswoman also claimed Russia had documents to back up the claim the components of these deadly biological weapons are near the Ukraine-Russia border.

She said: “We know they were looking for opportunities to develop these weapons.”

However, various analysts — including MP and former army captain Tobias Ellwood — have warned these allegations represent a “despicable pretext” to justify their own subsequent biological or chemical attack.

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Earlier today, Mr Ellwood suggested the West needs to take action against Putin to ensure he does not use chemical weapons.

He tweeted: “Russian Chemical weapon attacks next.

“Putin will not stop until he is stopped.

“When will the West realise this? He’s playing on our timidity as thousands die and millions flee.”

Along with the US and UK, Putin may face an immediate response from NATO if he moves to use chemical weapons.



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