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Putin's inept tactics exposed: Convoy of 15 tanks picked off 'like sitting ducks' – WATCH

Ukraine’s 24th Mechanised Brigade smashed a huge Russian convoy with artillery fire yesterday, with many viewers pointing out that the Russian tanks were “like sitting ducks”. The footage, released by the brigade, is the latest damning evidence of Russia’s flawed military tactics. In the clip, a convoy of concentrated tanks are picked off, with the brigade later claiming to have taken out 15 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

The attack on the Russian column took place in Luhansk, a frontline in the war.

UA Weapons, which monitors the conflict, retweeted the drone footage of the attack.

They added: “A Russian convoy was spotted by a drone operated by the Ukrainian 24th Brigade in #Luhansk Oblast, then stopped with artillery fire.

“At least 3 BMP IFVs can be seen to be damaged.”

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Viewers questioned the Russian tactics exposed in the video, with many claiming the tanks were “like sitting ducks” in the open.

@Strugatsky101 tweeted: “It’s good that they still move in tight formations 5 months into the war.”

@acidicsweetie added: “This is like graveyard, ~15 vehicles.”

@Blueelectron4 joked: “We’re under artillery fire! Quick, everyone stand still and bunch up as tight as possible!- Russian military ‘genius’.”



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