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Putin's puppet warns West that 'nuclear war is coming' – 'Only mutants will survive'

The Russian President has been using the threat of nuclear war from the beginning of the conflict in February. Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert in a move which was to send a strong message to the West to not interfere with his plans for Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used the Platinum Jubilee weekend to thank the Queen and her nation for its support of Ukraine during the conflict.

The President has also been very thankful to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying the PM has “complete” understanding of Ukraine’s needs. 

Only on Monday, Britain announced a further military aid package to be sent to Ukraine in conjunction with the United States.

The new weapons being sent from the UK are multiple-launch rocket systems which can strike targets up to 50 miles away.

In a television address President Zelensky said: “I am grateful to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the complete understanding of our demands and preparedness to provide Ukraine with exactly the weapons that it so needs to protect the lives of our people.” 

The statement followed the threat from Russian propagandist and television presenter Vladimir Solovyov who said we are facing “bloody pages of world history” as nuclear war is looming.

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The Russian continued his fear-mongering spiel saying: “The process will quickly become uncontrollable. 

“Everyone will get what they asked for. Bang! And there’s nothing left.”

Panellist Vitaly Tretyakov, a political analyst also chimed in with a disconcerting message saying: “Yes, we should be happy. Except the young people may not share this definition of happiness.

“We have finally arrived. This is our last and decisive battle.”



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