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Putin's recent public appearances 'staged' with old video footage as health concerns grow

An opposition source has claimed that canned footage of Putin recorded a while ago was used in video appearances for several meetings.

Russian aide Nikolai Patrushev is now allegedly in virtual control of the Kremlin, according to the General SVR Telegram channel.

The channel has previously claimed that the Russian President has received treatment for cancer.

In a recent post it states that the Kremlin believes Putin to be “terminally ill” and he has reportedly been absent “since Tuesday”, although this cannot be verified.

Putin was said to have had meetings on Wednesday and Thursday with the Rostech head Sergei Chemezovand and Rosatom chief Alexey Likhachev, however, these supposedly took place earlier and were saved so that people would believe Putin was still active.

The Russian Premier also appeared in a virtual meeting on Friday claiming the West was trying to hack Russian government websites, but it was “unclear” whether this appearance was staged.

The post also did not specify the exact reasons for Putin’s alleged absence, reported The Mirror.

The channel reported that Mr Patrushev is the only one currently maintaining official communications with Putin.

General SVR said: “Let’s see how long this lasts, but the situation is getting tense.

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It is not yet clear whether Russia’s leader is expected to get worse soon, however, his potential demise could lead to big changes.

The post continued: “There is a general feeling, including among the attending physicians, that all this will not last very long.

“But, again, we have already said that many people think that now Putin will die and something will change radically.

“There are people [ in positions of power] who are ready to help big changes.

“Everyone in the elite is well aware of what the death of the President will lead to.

“There will be a big redistribution, there are no guarantees for either the servicemen or any of the security forces. Simply not.”



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