Queen dragged into French gun row by far-Right Macron rival's controversial post

Eric Zemmour, 63, sparked controversy after he attended the Paris arms show and pointed an unloaded rifle at a reporter. He then told journalists to “back off” in a move criticised by France’s citizenship minister, Marlene Schiappa. At a rally in the small southern town of Beziers, Mr Zemmour accused the media of being “a propaganda machine”.

Amid the controversy surrounding Mr Zemmour, the outspoken far-right pundit posted a picture of Her Majesty at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, Surrey.

The picture, from 1993, shows Her Majesty pointing a gun safely on a rifle range.

Mr Zemmour posted the picture accompanied with a love heart.

Ms Schiappa said: “Aiming at journalists with a weapon and telling them to ‘back off!’ Is not funny.

“It is horrifying. Especially after having seriously said that he wanted to ‘reduce the power of the media’.

“In a democracy, press freedom is no joke and should never be threatened.”

Mr Zemmour, however, hit back at the minister and claimed she lacked humour.

He said in response: “Humour is a weapon that Ms Schiappa totally lacks.

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Joseph Acierine said: “The Queen was not pointing at journalists or anyone.

“We never point a gun at anyone, otherwise we end up in the hole.

“Those who have done military service know this.”

Although Mr Zemmour has not declared his position in the upcoming French presidential election, the outspoken pundit has risen in the polls.

A poll by Harris Interactive, Mr Zemmour is predicted to reach the second-round runoff against Emmanuel Macron.

According to Politico, Marine Le Pen’s poll rating has dropped from 27 percent in June to 17 to the latest figures.

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