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Queen Elizabeth II style evolution – how her style showed royal role on throne

From the Queen’s first formal dresses as a child, to her 1970s and 80s gowns, to the coats and hats she wore in most recent years, the Queen never leapt from one clothing trend to the next.

Instead, she floated above the ever-shifting world of fashion, adopting only the trends that suited her timeless, practical style.

She was not a huge wardrobe experimenter, yet still remained a style icon.

As Caroline de Guitaut, who curated exhibitions of the Queen’s clothing, once told Vogue: “The Queen transcends fashion, but her clothes continue to reflect it.”

As a young Princess who came of age during World War II, Queen Elizabeth II’s style would often reflect the mood of Britain.

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By 1947, she began to wear clothes that made her look more grown-up, as this happened to be the year she married her husband, Prince Philip.

During the Queen’s nine decades, six of those as monarch, her wardrobe was at the forefront of her reign, pictured during thousands of walkabouts and state visits.

Her black, patent Launer handbags and her sensible patent pumps became a staple in the Queen’s wardrobe, and she would rarely be seen without them.

Queen Elizabeth also enjoyed wearing constant ever-changing heirloom brooches, which always symbolised a sentimental story or link to the area she was visiting.

As Britain’s longest-reigning Monarch, the Queen held an incomparable position in public life and remained one of Britain’s most enduring fashion icons.

Her early years on the throne were defined by pieces created by court dressers such as Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies.

Yet in her later years, the senior dresser and close confidante Angela Kelly came to be responsible for the Queen’s style.

These include Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations, the Diamond Jubilee year, most of the Royal Weddings in recent years, and the Zoom calls taken by the Queen during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Queen’s outfits were often poignant and meant to show solidarity with the cause she was championing.

When the Queen recorded an address to the nation at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, she chose a bright green dress and turquoise brooch.

Many royal commentators believed she was nodding to NHS workers with her choice of dress colour.



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