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Queen kept ‘wonderful’ secret from family over the Platinum Jubilee weekend

Close friend to Prince Charles and journalist Gyles Brandreth spoke about the Jubilee weekend on the Commonwealth Poetry podcasts which he hosts alongside his daughter Aphra. Mr Brandreth spoke about his conversation with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall saying they were on “good form”.

He added: “It was before the fun parade, and they were amused by my corgi jumper. They were happy with the way [the event] was going.”

On Saturday June 4 the Jubilee Concert was opened by the surprise sketch of the Queen enjoying a cream tea with Paddington Bear who wreaked havoc in the palace.

The sequence was filmed at Windsor castle over half a day, and set in Buckingham Palace where the pair expressed their shared love of marmalade sandwiches. 

The highlight of the two-and-a-half-minute clip saw the Queen finally reveal the contents of her handbag, which turns out to be a back-up marmalade sandwich for emergencies.

The clip took many months to plan and saw the bear lift up his hat to reveal his marmalade sandwich. 

Her Majesty responded “so do I” as she opened her bag and said “I keep mine here” while she lifted out the sandwich. 

Paddington told the Queen: “Happy Jubilee Ma’am. And thank you. For everything.”

The Monarch replied: “That’s very kind.”

The sequence concluded with the Monarch and Paddington tapping out the iconic beat to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen as they opened the Jubilee concert.

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“Her Majesty’s warmth and generosity was a joy to behold.”

According to reports, the aides working at the Palace did not want to ‘ruin the magic’ and reveal how the clip was filmed.

However, Ben Wishaw who voices Paddington and plays Q in the recent James Bond films has previously said it is filmed with a mechanical head of the bear and visual effects are later added digitally. 

Reports have emerged that the lunch between the Peruvian bear and Her Majesty which went viral has made as much as £200 million in publicity with many wishing to see more of the pair.



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