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Queen’s Commonwealth ‘not crumbling just evolving’ – Express poll splits opinion

In a poll which ran from 1pm on Sunday, March 20, to 11am on Friday, March 25, asked: “Do you think the Queen’s Commonwealth is crumbling?” A total of 4,666 people voted and hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts.

Overall, voters were split as 44 percent (2,052 people) said “Yes” the Commonwealth is crumbling while a further 53 percent (2,451 people) said “No”.

Just three percent (163 people) said they did not know.

Respondents shared their views in dozens of comments left below the accompanying article.

Many felt that the British Commonwealth remains a strong allegiance despite some nations wanting to become a republic.

Username speartree said: “The Commonwealth itself is not crumbling. Just that some countries no longer want the Queen as head of state, but they do want to stay members of the Commonwealth.”

And username Ho Hum.. wrote: “Just because countries become republics does not mean they will leave the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of countries”

Meanwhile,  username ChwaraeTeg added: “I don’t think it’s crumbling: just evolving. ALL countries have a right to their own sovereignty and independence if that is what they want.”

Others thought the Commonwealth still has value –  username HarryThb praised the Commonwealth as a “wonderful organisation”. 

Username Roflower commented: “I believe that the situation in Ukraine has shown smaller nations that it is beneficial to be aligned with larger groups of nations.”

Former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole said Prince William and Kate “are both brilliantly equipped to bring the magic of majesty to the Commonwealth”.

In November 2021, Barbados became a republic and formally removed the Queen as its Head of State – but remains within the Commonwealth.

Prince Charles was a guest of honour at the handover ceremony, nearly 400 years after the nation became a British colony.

Many nations, including Jamaica, want to follow and end their association with Britain as a colonial power.



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