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Queen’s stealthy handbag and jewellery communication techniques unveiled

The signals which Her Majesty communicates with her accessories indicate if she wishes to continue a conversation with her guest or if the discussion is over. The Monarch is rarely seen without her signature black handbag which she even carries with her indoors.

According to Town & Country, the Queen reportedly owns over 200 of her signature Launer bags with her favourites being “the black leather Royale, black patent leather Traviata and third custom handbag.”

The contents of the bag are largely unknown though it is reported that she carries her glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen inside it.

Yet many are unaware that the importance of the bag is not its contents but where and how it is positioned.

While the Queen speaks to guests, she will adjust her bag to signify to her staff when they should and should not intervene.

When Her Majesty privately met with the Honourable George Brandis in 2018, the pictures of their meeting explained some of the secret signals.

Viewers of the photographs of the meeting with the then Australian High Commissioner to the UK noticed the positioning of the Queen’s bag.

The Queen’s bag was seen placed on a chair which indicates that the Monarch was happy to continue a lengthier conversation.

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Reportedly, if Her Majesty twisted her wedding ring which would only be spotted by those who know to look out for it, it signified that the Queen wished to be taken out of the situation.

Her Majesty is currently enjoying a holiday in her Balmoral Estate in Scotland though concerns for her comfort have meant that her traditional welcome involving the public has been cancelled.

The Queen plans to spend more time at her beloved Scottish estate which has had a ‘wheelchair-friendly’ lift put in along with more CCTV, an intercom system and a new security gate.



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