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‘Quickens drying!’ ‘Game-changing’ tumble dryer hack keeps clothes smelling ‘fresh’

Sandra Armstrong suggested: “Scent boosters that you put in the washer are brilliant. Lenor are the best ones.”

Sarah Jane Kirkham replied: “Frosted eucalyptus washing pods and the same scent boosters in the washing machine and Lenor Awake tumble sheets smell so good.”

Allison Johnson said: “I clean mine out every time it’s used. Empty the water container, rinse the filter out and remove the lint. Remember to leave the door open until it cools down.”

Beard Demi-lea commented: “Lenor sheets but I find you need loads to be able to smell [them]. I cover a sock in comfort and add that to my towels blankets and pyjamas.”

Angela Roberts posted: “I use Comfort in the washer, nothing in the tumble dryer, empty the lint every time, and I pass the water from the tank through a sieve into a container and use it in my iron and steam cleaner, always smells of Comfort.”



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