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Rafael Nadal Wimbledon withdrawal 'smart decision' as he had 'no chance' vs Nick Kyrgios

“I have to pull out from the tournament,” Nadal said. “As everybody saw yesterday I have been suffering with the pain in the abdominal, I know something was not okay there as yesterday I said and yeah, that’s confirmed I have a tear in the muscle, in the abdominal.

“The communication is too late because even like that I was thinking the whole day about the decision to make but I think it doesn’t make sense to go, even if I tried a lot in my career to keep going. Very tough circumstances in that one I think it’s obvious if I keep going the injury is gonna get worse and worse.

“I made this decision because I can’t be competitive and win the next two matches. I don’t want to make things worse, but I am very sad.”



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