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Rayner declares war on giant corporations in angry anti-capitalist rant 'No hiding places'

Angela Rayner has declared war on giant corporations during her Labour Party conference speech. The Deputy leader hit out at new Prime Minister Liz Truss, saying she has “chosen to stand for vested interests” of “the oil companies and bankers”. Speaking at the party conference in Liverpool, Ms Rayner said the Labour party will “back the workers who are creating Britain’s wealth, demanding better for our people.”

Hitting out at “giant corporations”, Ms Rayner said the Labour party will allow everyone a “fair chance”.

She said: “We will give small enterprise a level playing field at winning contracts.

“Where the Tories handed billions of pounds to their cronies with links to tax havens, we will ensure local businesses are no longer shunted to the back of the queue behind giant corporations with more form fillers than they have workers.

“We will cut red tape and streamline the bidding process, giving small businesses a genuine shot.

Ms Rayner used her speech to pledge strengthened workers’ rights, “guaranteeing fair conditions, job security, wellbeing, proper training, rights at work, and union access”.

Referring to accusations of cronyism, previously levelled at Boris Johnson’s Government, Ms Rayner hit out at what she called “a catalogue of sleaze, waste and lies”.

She added: “There will be no hiding place for cronies – and no corner for corruption.

“We will keep the receipts and publish them.”



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