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Read your OWN deal! IDS issues blistering attack on EU after Truss masterstroke unveiled

Iain Duncan Smith has slapped down protests from Brussels over moves by the British Government to alter the Northern Ireland Protocol. Mr Duncan Smith was addressing MPs after Foreign Secretary Liz Truss set out her intention to bring forward legislation within weeks overwriting parts of the post-Brexit deal.

Iain Duncan-Smoth 

Mr Duncan-Smith told MPs: ‘The powerful article that was referred to by Lord Trimble, one of the architects of Good Friday Agreement makes it very clear that the maintenance of the Good Friday Agreement overcomes everything else.

“So to that extent, it’d be helpful if those who bang on about this at the moment on the other side to know if they read, but if they read the protocol, article 13.8 makes it absolutely clear that the protocol can be through negotiation changed in whole or in part.

“Now the point here is, therefore, my right honourable friend was quite correct.

“The EU now needs to step up to them in that protocol and do what article 13.8 tells them.”


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