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'Refused to lift a finger' Biden blasted after US snub Brexit Britain in favour of Germany

An ex-advisor to the Iron Lady took to social media to call out Washington after the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, 59, suggested Germany was a closer partner to America than Brexit Britain. Mr Blinken, who made the comment during a visit to Munich last week, said: “And I’ve been so grateful because when it comes to the partnership here, Germany is our partner of first resort on everything.

“There’s not an issue where we have not been working closely together, and it’s beyond words; it’s truly invaluable.”

Nile Gardiner, who worked alongside Mrs Thatcher from 2000 to 2002, responded by saying: “Extraordinary statement from the Biden administration.

“Last time I checked it was the British Government standing up to Moscow, not the Germans, who were refusing to lift a finger to help the Ukrainians.”

He added in a separate tweet: “A reminder why the Biden Presidency’s transatlantic strategy is completely doomed.”

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Anglo-American cooperation, often referred to as the special relationship, appears to have taken a backward step since Joe Biden, 79, became President and the UK left the European Union.

The US is not keen to pursue a free trade agreement with the UK, leaving Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt, 48, negotiating state-by-state accords.

Britain has also been credited with how it has responded to events in Ukraine, including by critics of Brexit.

The ex-US ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner, 58, said: “As bad as Brexit has been, I fully admit that a significant upside is that the UK can act swiftly in foreign affairs including Ukraine rather than being dragged into endless EU waffle.

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