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‘Relieved’ Biden congratulates Macron for ‘defending democracy’ following election victory

Mr Biden will be feeling a sense of “relief” in relation to Mr Macron’s reelection as there had been “worry” about the implications of a Marine Le Pen victory, according to White House Correspondent Kethevane Gorjestani. Ms Gorjestani pointed out that there has been “very close” cooperation between Mr Biden and Mr Macron particularly in relation to Ukraine.

She said: “There hasn’t really been any public besides the tweet that we finally got from President Biden a few minutes before we came on air.

“Congratulating President Macron, calling him our oldest ally and key partner in addressing global challenges.

“He said Biden said he was ‘looking forward to our continued close cooperation including on supporting Ukraine and defending democracy and countering climate change’.

“That’s the first public statement by President Biden about Emmanuel Macron’s reelection but as you’ve said this is really some relief for Joe Biden.

“Because as he’s hinted in that tweet there has been very close cooperation between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron especially when it comes to the war in Ukraine.

“Basically Emmanuel Macron was sort of Joe Biden’s go to in Europe when it came to getting those Western allies together united on sanctions against Russia.”

Ms Gorjestani argued that the row between Paris and Washington over the AUKUS defence deal which excluded France was a “wake up call”.

She said: “This cooperation has been going on after the AUKUS deal and the crisis that happened at the time between the US and France.

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“This worry that if Marine Le Pen were to be elected , there will be a huge challenge to that Western alliance, that NATO alliance.

“The battle between democracies and autocracies as Joe Biden put it.

“So yes there is some relief here in Washington and there will likely be maybe in the coming hours, maybe in the coming days a call between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron.”



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