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Royal artist opens up on painting Princes William and Prince Harry 'They were so close!'

Royal artist Nicky Philipps has discussed Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship when the brothers came to sit for their portraits in 2008. Ms Philips was commissioned to paint the Dukes for the National Portrait Gallery and told the latest episode of ITV’s Keeping Up With The Aristocrats that at the time the brothers were “so close.”

The portrait painter continued: “They were in full uniform clanking, spurs just walked around into the house, and not one single one of my neighbours noticed anything and this happened five times.”

Ms Philipps explained how she had been “savaged” for her painting of Prince William.

She said: “That was in 2008 where I got savaged for forgiving William too much hair.

“I think poor chap lost quite a lot of it in 2009, I don’t know what happened then but it all fell out.”

Ms Levin continued: “In 2018 he went to Israel and Jordan, which is a diplomatic minefield, and he did very well there. This is an extension of that.

“Charles already has a lot on his plate because he has taken on the majority of what the Queen would do. It works well for both of them that William takes this on.

“The ruler of Dubai says he wants to invest £12bn into our economy and my goodness, we could do with that.

“They think William will charm him.”



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