Royal chef remembers young Prince William and Prince Harry’s mischievous pizza note

Darren McGrady was a personal chef to the Queen, Princess Diana, Prince William and Harry for fifteen years. Speaking to Channel 5’s documentary ‘Royal Servants in their Own Words’, Mr McGrady recalled a time when the young Prince William and Prince Harry tried to get him to cook pizza for dinner.

Mr McGrady said: “William and Harry they loved pizzas, burgers.

“They loved me to cook them burgers.

“I remember coming into work one morning and nanny had asked for roasted chicken and she wanted lots of green vegetables served with it too.

“Well I think William or Harry must have looked at the menu and thought ‘hmm we don’t want that’.

“When I came in in the evening there was a note on my desk and it said ‘Darren please give the boys pizza for their dinner tonight signed Jess’.

“I looked at it and thought ‘Why is this in the writing of a five-year-old?’ and then I realised who had written it.

“They actually got the roasted chicken.”

He joked: “I was scared of the nanny.”

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Diana would ask the royal chef to prepare one “tin of Heinz baked beans, a pink grapefruit, a cup of coffee, and a glass of orange juice” when she planned to go to the gym.

Mr McGrady said: “She wanted Heinz beans because someone had told her they are low in carbs, low in fat, and high in protein, which is great for someone working out.”

In an interview with HELLO!, the royal chef explained which foods Princess Diana never ate.

He said: “She never ate beef, never ate pork, occasionally she’d have lamb when she was entertaining guests but for the most part, it was chicken, fish or vegetarian options.”

The royal chef went on to say he had to change his style of cooking when he started working for the Princess of Wales.

He said: “One of her favourite dishes was an Egg Suzette which was a baked potato scooped out with wilted spinach in the bottom and a poached egg on top and then a little hollandaise sauce, a tiny amount, with some potatoes piped around the edges.

“When I was cooking for her I had to change my style of cooking.

“I had to move from cooking food for the Queen – heavy sauces, rich sauces and creams – to start cooking lighter food again, cutting out the fats, cutting out the carbs.

“She would say, ‘You take care of all the fats and I’ll take care of all the carbs at the gym.'”

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